New Members

There are 4 ways to become a member of MLBC:

    1.    Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and be baptized by immersion (in a pool of water) in our church as a sign of your faith in Christ.

    2.    If you have already accepted Jesus, but have not been baptized by immersion, you may come forward at the invitation time in our service and say you would like to be baptized.

    3.    Transfer of membership from another church that practices baptism by immersion.

    4.    If you have trusted in Christ for salvation and have been baptized by immersion but never joined a church or are unsure where your membership is, you may join our church by simply saying that you are a Christian who has been baptized.

Mt. Lebanon is truly the church with the family atmosphere. On behalf of Pastor Lance and the MLBC family, we welcome you into this the household of faith. We want to help you in your faith walk and to find your fit here at MLBC. We want you to join us in ministry work by joining a ministry that best suits you and serving.

Ministry Listing

Things to remember:

    •    Worship Services
    Every Sundays 8AM & 11AM

    •    Church School
    Sundays 9:30AM

    •    Bible Study
    Thursdays 12 Noon and 7PM

    •    Prayer Meeting
    Thursdays 6:30PM

We are “The Church with the Family Atmosphere” Welcome!!!