Our History

The Mount Lebanon Baptist Church has a rich and proud history, which starts on May 24, 1924, when the late Reverend Hiram Edmund Smith founded the Mount Lebanon Baptist Church.  Since that day, our church has been blessed to have passionate, prudent, and powerful men of God lead us and the city of Baltimore in doing work to build up the kingdom of God.  Reverend Smith led Mount Lebanon as the church grew numerically and spiritually; led Mount Lebanon as we moved four times to account for our growing membership and ministries; and led Mount Lebanon to be one of the leading and most respected churches in the city.  This marriage of pastor and people lasted until 1964 when Reverend Smith and God led a new pastor our way for the next level in our walk with God.

Mount Lebanon’s second pastor, the late Reverend Olin Preston Moyd, his wife Marie and their four daughters had joined the church in June 1961.  God’s anointing was heavy upon Reverend Moyd and immediately upon Reverend Smith’s death, Mount Lebanon’s congregation elected Reverend Moyd as our new pastor.  Under Reverend Moyd’s pastorate, Mount Lebanon exploded in church growth and ministries.  Reverend Moyd refined our teaching ministries, community service ministries, and worship ministries.  It was his vision to lead us into the building that is home to Mount Lebanon today.  He led us until 2004 and laid the foundation for where we are as a church today.

Always thinking ahead, Reverend Moyd appointed his successor in the person of Reverend Franklin Lance in May of 2004.  Since this time, Reverend Lance has been leading Mount Lebanon to stand tall on the foundation built for us since 1924 and move into our future focused and purposed to serve and praise God.  Given this, Mount Lebanon has given birth to our dance ministry, mime ministry, HIV ministry, Domestic Violence ministry, and praise team to continue our mission and vision for what God has called us to be.  We are a good church and with you, we will get even better.