The Olin P. & Marie E. Moyd Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Olin P. and Marie E. Moyd Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to honor the memory and lasting legacy of our beloved, late Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Olin P. Moyd and the late First Lady Marie E. Moyd.

They shared a commitment to academic excellence and a conviction that education is key to enriching personal growth. Dr. Olin P. Moyd was the epitome of this as one who went from G.E.D to Ph.D. (Graduate Equivalent Diploma to Doctorate of Philosophy). Likewise, Marie E. Moyd earned a Bachelor's degree and then a Master’s Equivalent as she worked and raised five daughters.

The Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church family continues to honor this dynamic team that led the congregation for 40 years and celebrates their commitment and dedication to education through this memorial scholarship fund.

Further your studies with this supplement of scholarship funds, and apply yourself to fulfill God's purpose and plan for you.

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Download the 2015 Scholarship Application